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Magic Hotels

About Magic Hotels 

Magic Hotels is a part of the Magic Norway group and consists of four new design hotels in Bergen with a total of 403 rooms designed by the world-renowned industrial designer, Karim Rashid, as well as 2 apartments adjacent to Magic Hotel Xhibition and 20 apartments adjacent to  Magic Hotel Kløverhuset.

Our goal is to create a complete offer for guests in the center of Bergen, which includes culture, food, nightlife and shopping. By being able to offer guests more than one bed to sleep in, we will give the customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

We look forward to every single guest and will offer ourselves to give the guest that little bit extra and create good, magical visitor experiences - and will be the natural hub for experiences in Bergen city center.

Sustainable hotel operations

Magic Hotels will take active environmental and social responsibility, and contribute to green transformation. Through Innovation Norway, the hotel group has received funding for environmental certification and from January 2022, work has begun on becoming an Eco-Lighthouse certified. Through the scheme, we will have effective environmental improvements in areas such as the working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport, where relevant topics such as food waste and plastic are included. We look forward to showing and telling about our measures when we are certified. This will be a continuous work to improve our environmental performance, and we will consider other relevant areas in the sustainability goals - and find inspiration for new, good measures in Miljøfyrtårn's idea bank, as well as listen to you - our guests.

Design by Karim Rashid

The interior of Magic Hotels was designed by the world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, as a so-called signature brand hotel.

His philosophy was in line with our ideas that design could also be adapted to a hotel where one wanted to offer guests affordable prices, but still focus on design as part of the guest experience.

We can mention that in addition to the unique custom design for our rooms and lobby, we have chosen to use some of the furniture and lamps that are in Rashid's production line. Examples are the Poly Chair from Bolando and the Halo lamp from Artemide. These products have helped shape our graphic profile in carpets, tiles and wallpaper.

Rashid is known for its distinctive expression and future-oriented design - which is both organic and minimalist. Rashid has an impressive portfolio that includes more than 3,000 ready-made designs worldwide. The projects range from furniture and design products to interiors, facades and luxury goods.

Rashid has also received over 300 design awards worldwide and is represented at several of the world's most famous museums.