Stay several nights and get a good discount on your entire stay! Whether you are planning a few days in the middle of the week, traveling a long weekend is always something that happens in Bergen. Stay right in the city center with proximity to everything Bergen has to offer.

Bergen might be a big city on a Norwegian scale, but the atmosphere is reminiscent of the one that you find in a charming little town. 

The patriotic locals from Bergen are proud of their versatile city, which has a long historical and cultural traditions. They are happy to show you their favorite attractions, restaurants and coffee shops.

Experience the living history of the modern city before exploring the wild and beautiful fjords of the West Country.

As a Magic Hotels guest you will also get good discounts on activities, shopping and restaurants. See the 'Fixed benefits' page for more information.

Stay above the minimum of: 

  • 2 nights and get a -23% discount on your entire stay!
  • 3 nights and get a -28% discount on your entire stay!
  • 4 nights and get a -33% discount on your entire stay!


  • The offer is limited to a limited number of hotel rooms, but valid at all Magic Hotels.
  • The offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts and promotions. Limited number of rooms available.
  • The price may be unavailable for some periods.
  • Must be paid when booking. *Payment may not be refunded upon cancellation. NB : New policy see FREE REBOOKING



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